June 2, 2023

The middle blocker Haleigh Washington has developed as one of the most important players for the United States.

Washington’s presence on the court and at the net is matched by her positivity and intensity, and this combination serves as a continual reminder of how difficult it is for her team to maneuver.

Equal Jersey ambassadors use the power of volleyball to promote equality both on and off the court. Washington joined other top players from around the world, such as Paola Egonu of Italy, Pornpun Guedpard of Thailand, Jenia Grebennikov of France, and Erik Shoji of the United States, in becoming an Equal Jersey ambassador.

“In my life, there have been many instances in which I may have been subjected to a great deal of inequality. Volleyball has always been a community, and it’s always been a culture that’s really open, so if you want to get involved in it, you can “says Washington.

My experience playing volleyball has taught me a lot about equality, which is fitting considering that sports have traditionally been about building communities and include everyone.

Fans of volleyball can purchase Equal Jerseys, with a portion of the proceeds going directly to Let’s Keep The Ball Flying. Let’s Keep The Ball Flying is a non-profit organization that promotes equality, education, inclusion, and empowerment. They do this by leveraging the power of volleyball to boost equal access.

During Türkiye’s participation in Phase 2 of the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship, Ebrar Karakurt will be hoping for even greater achievements for her team. Follow along with all of the action on Volleyball World as it takes place in Poland and the Netherlands.

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