April 1, 2023

SERBIAN – After winning the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship for a second straight year on Saturday, the Serbian players and coaching staff were greeted with a hero’s welcome upon their return home.

After a joyous journey back to Belgrade, where they were greeted by their loved ones and friends, the squad finally arrived home and celebrated their victory with cake and champagne. In the later part of the day on Sunday, it was time for the world champions to meet back up with their supporters at City Hall, where there was a large gathering waiting to greet them upon their return.

Tijana Boskovic, who played opposite Tijana Boskovic on the squad and was the most valuable player at the World Championship, remarked, “I am very happy of what we have been doing over the previous several years.” “Winning a second world title in a row is not as simple as it may sound.

Because they have put in so much effort over the course of the past five months, everyone of these young women deserves to be called a hero. We played for one another, and I believe that our efforts helped earn this victory. After a victory, our team always looks forward to coming back to this arena to celebrate with our loyal supporters, and I have no doubt that we will be able to do so once more in 2018.

Following significant victories, it has been customary for the team to hold a celebration in the City Hall in Belgrade. It has happened relatively frequently over the past six years, with global titles in 2018 and 2022, two Olympic medals (silver in Rio 2016 and bronze in Tokyo 2020), two European titles (2017, 2019), and a bronze medal at the VNL (2022) in the span.

Bianka Buka, who plays outside hitter, remarked that this is a wonderful outcome and that their generation has accomplished a great deal. “Defending a world title is incredibly challenging, but we were able to do it without suffering a single defeat. There were several challenging matches, but we never stopped believing and battling for it.

The Serbian effort in the Netherlands and Poland was extremely spectacular, and the team that was coached by Daniele Santarelli lost only five sets during their campaign.

Middle blocker Jovana Stevanovic was able to look back and say, “We dominated the event from the beginning.” “Throughout the entire process, we never lost sight of the fact that we were competing against the best squad, and the results confirmed our superiority.”

We had a fantastic sense of teamwork, and as a result, our competitors had to put in a lot of effort to score on us. We have Boskovic, the finest player in the world, but this was definitely a team win, and everyone contributed to it.

Despite the fact that they have a new coach in 2022, the Serbian victory also symbolized continuity in the country’s winning strategy. This should allow the Europeans to remain among the top in the world for many years to come. While nine of the 2022 world champions were also members of the team’s squad in 2018, five players won the competition for the first time and brought new enthusiasm to the team.

“To start it off with a gold medal is wonderful,” said outside hitter Sara Lozo, who is one of the fresh faces on the squad. “This is my first major event, and to start it with a gold medal is incredible,” “Our preparation was fantastic, and we took great care to pay close attention to every single detail. Throughout the championship match, we made every effort to eliminate any possibility of victory for Brazil. We never allowed ourselves to become anxious or check the score; instead, we focused on winning one point at a time and moving the game along.

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