June 2, 2023

The rise of Brazilian middle Ana Carolina ‘Carol’ Da Silva to the top of the best blockers’ chart was the most significant change that Phase 2 of the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship 2022 in the Netherlands and Poland brought to the individual statistical rankings.

The tournament will be held in Poland and the Netherlands. While players from Belgium’s Britt Herbots, the United States of America’s Andrea Drews, Italy’s Monica De Gennaro, and Argentina’s Yamila Nizetich maintained their leading positions in other rankings, Poland’s Joanna Wolosz caught up with China’s Diao Linyu as one of the best setters of the competition so far.

In each and every one of Brazil’s Phase 2 matches, Carol blocked with an absolutely incredible level of effectiveness. She did an outstanding job in the second phase, which catapulted her to the top of the best blockers’ chart. After the first phase, she was not even among the top three in the ranking, but after that phase, she was.

Her greatest performance came in the three-set match that her side played against the Netherlands. She had nine kill blocks in that match. The 31-year-old middle player also registered seven stuffs against both Italy and Puerto Rico, bringing her overall count to 44 since the beginning of the World Championship. She had six against Belgium, bringing her total count to 44.

Her Puerto Rican opponent Neira Ortiz dazzled with as many as 11 kill blocks in Sunday’s four-set victory over Argentina, which took her to the second position on a total of 39 stuffs, seven ahead of third-placed Anna Danesi of Italy. This victory raised her to the second position on a total of 39 stuffs, which raised her to the second position on a total of 39 stuffs.

Both Joanna Wolosz and Diao Linyu finished with 129 successful sets to take the top two spots in the standings of the best setters. The 32-year-old Polish star’s best achievement of the second phase was the 18 perfect sets she registered against Germany, while her 28-year-old Chinese counterpart reached 16 in the game against Italy, which was not even close to her high of 36 from the first-phase match against the Czech Republic.

The Polish star’s best achievement of the second phase was the 18 perfect sets she registered against Germany. The Argentine player Victoria Mayer finished in third place on that table after completing 126 successful sets.

Herbots, a 23-year-old outside hitter for Belgium who scored 20 points or more in each of his country’s four second-phase matches, maintained his position as the leader of the best scorers’ standings with 222 points in total (203 spikes, 11 blocks, 8 aces). Her performance against Japan resulted in her highest point total in a single game in Pool E, which was 30 points.

Herbots will not be able to add any more points to her total because Belgium did not move on in the competition. This leaves her closest competitors, Magdalena Stysiak of Poland and Paola Egonu of Italy, with a good opportunity to pass Herbots in the upcoming matches. Magdalena Stysiak currently has 200 points, and Paola Egonu has 191 points.

Herbots is also being pursued by the same two players in the ranking of the top attackers; however, the gap between them and Herbots in this chart is significantly larger and will be more challenging to bridge. Herbots is the only player to have scored more than 200 points in offence by themselves, thanks to his 203 successful spikes. After that, Egonu will be on 169, and then Stysiak will be on 163.

There is a lot of competition among the world’s greatest servers in this year’s World Championship. With a fresh total of 15 aces, the 28-year-old American opponent Drews maintained her lead from the first part of the competition, but her advantage is now reduced to a single point.

Italian outside Caterina Bosetti added six more aces to her total during the second phase of the competition, which allowed her to move up to the second position with a total of 14. This put her just one point ahead of Dominican Republic’s Gaila Gonzalez in third place and two points ahead of Japan’s Mayu Ishikawa in fourth place.

The famous libero De Gennaro, who is 35 years old and plays for Italy, is currently the finest defense in the World Championship. Her nearest competitors, Myrthe Schoot of the Netherlands, who has 90 digs, and Brenda Castillo of the Dominican Republic, who has 87 digs, are a long distance behind her because she has 123 digs.

In point of fact, among the players who are still in the running for the championship, the person who poses the most danger to De Gennaro’s position as leader is her teammate Bosetti, who is presently seventh in the table with 78 digs.

Nizetich, an Argentine outside receiver who is 33 years old and has a total of 84 perfect receptions, maintains his position as the leader in the ranking of the top receivers. However, it is highly improbable that she will remain at the top of that chart given that her team is no longer in the running for the competition and the current first and second runners-up, Priscila Daroit of Brazil and Li Yingying of China, are only four and five perfect receptions behind, respectively.

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