April 1, 2023

After being taken from a residence in Southern California, the three Olympic medals that belonged to a member of the United States women’s volleyball team were among the items that the authorities were hunting for on Thursday.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, the stolen safe contained the medals that were being temporarily held at a residence in Laguna Hills. The burglary that occurred on October 29 resulted in the safe’s theft.

No arrests have been made.

The Olympic Games that awarded the gold medal were held in Tokyo in 2020, the Olympic Games that awarded the silver medal were held in London in 2012, and the Olympic Games that awarded the bronze medal were held in Brazil in 2016.

The authorities were unable to identify the person who originally owned the medals right away.

In Orange County, a medal that belonged to a member of the women’s volleyball team has been taken by thieves for the second time this year.

Police say that on May 25, Jordyn Poulter reported that her car had been broken into at a parking garage in Anaheim, and that someone took her gold medal from the 2020 Olympics.

Later, detectives tracked down and detained a suspect in connection with the crime, but they were unable to find the stolen medal right away. It was finally handed over to the owner in June, after the proprietors of a barbershop in Anaheim, California, reported discovering the medal inside a discarded plastic bag outside their establishment and turning it over to the authorities.

The suspect, who is 31 years old and lives in Anaheim, is characterized by the police as having an extensive criminal background. He has been charged in connection with the theft.

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